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May 13, 2018 - 3 minute read

Selenium WebDriver Learning Resources List

Selenium WebDriver Resources

This does not present a comprehensive list of Selenium WebDriver resources, but it has a lot of really important jumping off points. If you know of any resources that we haven’t listed then please let us know.



Cloud WebDriver Grid Hosts

My Selenium Test Pages project on GitHub are used on my online training course and all tests for these are run through both BrowserStack and SauceLabs.

Using a cloud based grid vendor cuts down on local grid maintenance.


Install Selenium Webdriver and Java quickly by using our Speedrun Install Videos and Checklists

WebDriver W3c Standard

WebDriver API currently going through the process of W3C standardisation. You can read the standard documentation online

Selenium WebDriver With Java

Selenium 2 WebDriver API course

A comprehensive online training course covering how to use Selenium WebDriver API in Java.

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Getting Started with Selenium WebDriver

Free WebDriver Introductory Course

A free online course to help you get started and write your first test with Selenium WebDriver using Java.

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Selenium 2 Testing Tools

Selenium 2 Testing Tools is Dave Burns updated version of his popular Selenium introduction.

The Selenium Guidebook

Dave Haeffner’s Selenium Guidebook for using Selenium WebDriver with Ruby

Blogs and Resources



Virtual Machines


Selenium Simplified

Buy Selenium Simplified Book

Selenium Simplified by Alan Richardson

A book that covers the Selenium-RC API using Java. For a novice to both Java and automation, this provided a tutorial guide to learning Java and automation. Since it covers the Selenium-RC API it is no longer the best choice for learning how to use Selenium. But the Selenium-RC API still works in Selenium WebDriver so if you are completely knew to automation, and want a book that teaches you a programming language and automation then it might add some value.

Because Selenium-RC is essentially deprecated. Alan wrote a programming Java book for beginners “Java For Testers“. Alan also created an up to date online course on WebDriver.

Selenium 1.0 Testing Tools: Beginner’s Guide

Dave Burns wrote an introductory text to Selenium-RC.

Dave updated his book to a new edition which introduces Selenium WebDriver

You can find a comparative review over on my blog.