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We have helped hundreds of successful students learn to program automated tests in Java. We have also provided training and consultancy to companies in the UK, Europe, and World wide with Selenium WebDriver Automation, Agile Testing, Test Strategy and Approach.

Online Selenium 2 WebDriver & Java Course for only $229

Online Selenium 2 WebDriver API training with Java Course

We Also Offer Consultancy In Selenium WebDriver

We can help you implement or improve your use of Selenium either through consultancy, coaching or training.

How? Well, our approach is based on your needs and capabilities.

We can help you get started, help you fix your tests, or work with you to improve and take your usage of Selenium to even greater heights. Contact us for more information

If you want someone to work quickly and show you examples of what you can do in your environment against your application then we can do that too.

Learn more about how we have helped our clients.

Online Training Testimonials

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Bey Melamed:

Everything you ever wanted to know about … but did not even know the questions

Very comprehensive basic knowledge about Automation, Automation tools, Java & Tools, methodology and more…

Usually ‘and more, much, much more’ is meaningless but in this case it is absolutely true. Aside of the basic Alan provides you with the compass and the map to explore more on your own. …

Melinda N:

Excellent coverage and code examples!

Kent Wood:


I can’t rate this highly enough. It’s a superb example of a successful and engaging online course, which is no small accomplishment given the complexity of Java and Selenium…

Harsha Yogasundram:

Superb course!

One of the best technical courses I’ve been on, really nailed the subject for somebody who’s technical but doesn’t know much Java. I’m already creating Webdriver frameworks in my current role and look forward to learning more in the future. Well done Alan!

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