Selenium Simplified - Automated Browser Testing With Selenium WebDriver Made Simple

May 13, 2018 - 2 minute read

Speed Run Installs

This page contains the instructions for installing Selenium WebDriver with Java, you’ll also see videos of the implementation of the speedrun.

It covers the install of:

  • Prerequisites: Java JDK, Maven, IntelliJ IDE
  • Firefox
  • Chrome
  • Marionette GeckoDriver
  • ChromeDriver
  • A test project
  • And running a test from both the command line, and the IDE

For a more in-depth guides check our full WebDriver course.

I order to cut down on maintenance, I’ve written the checklist as a Markdown document and added it to Github. I’ve added it to the project you will install which contains the sample test that helps you check that you have installed the drivers correctly.

  1. First Install Java JDK, Maven, IntelliJ IDE by following this checklist of instructions and videos
  2. Follow the checklist of instructions and videos in the startUsingSeleniumWebDriver project

Since these are designed to be printed or copy/pasted into a text editor or evernote or (whatever you use to track your work), they are not ‘formatted’.

Install Videos

Windows Install Videos

Mac Install Videos