Selenium Simplified - Automated Browser Testing With Selenium WebDriver Made Simple

May 13, 2018 - 3 minute read


We can help you implement or improve your use of Selenium either through consultancy, coaching or training.

How? Well, our approach is based on your needs and capabilities.

We can help you get started, help you fix your tests, or work with you to improve and take your usage of Selenium to even greater heights. Contact us for more information

If you want someone to work quickly and show you examples of what you can do in your environment against your application then we can do that too.

Some of the ways that we have helped our clients:

  • helped introduce Selenium WebDriver into projects,
    • created the basic abstraction layers appropriate for projects,
    • created Page Object Level abstractions,
    • created Domain Object Level abstractions,
  • created proof of concept automation code to demonstrate the effective use of Selenium WebDriver on client applications (in both Java and C# .Net).
    • Even a small engagement, such as one or two days of proof of concept automation, has provided a reference artifact that clients have built on and referred to for months, as they incrementally improve their use of automation tools.
  • reviewed existing automation approaches - not limited to Selenium WebDriver - to identify risks, gaps, improvements, assess the effectiveness of tools in use and recommend alternatives. This has covered areas such as
    • GUI automation as well as non-GUI automation
    • Mobile and Desktop automation as well as Web automation
    • Use and generation of test data
  • helped automated testers, familiar with other automation tools, migrate to Selenium WebDriver,
  • help maximise the value of running the automated tests through continuous integration,
  • recommend ways to use standard technologies for reporting on the automation to minimise manual test reporting for automation and improve the visibility of the coverage of automated testing,
  • trained people with no automation experience to use Selenium,
  • helped people use Selenium in conjunction with specification tools such as FitNesse and Spock,
  • and more…

We also:

  • help you understand the risks and issues with your current processes and suggest alternatives, with reasons why the alternatives could make a difference in your context.
  • point out what you are doing well, as it is important to build upon the automation areas that are working.
  • help you prioritise automation between the different architectural layers. You don’t want to see all your automation at the GUI, and we want to help you spread the automation across your technology stack.

All our work has been conducted for applications heading to production, and often against tight deadlines.

We provide feedback during the consultancy, either through workshops, progress meetings, or early access to our notes and reports.

When a final report is required, it pulls together the incremental findings and recommendations, with any additional observations from seeing the total set of information in the report. We produce documentation incrementally throughout the process and ensure that the document quickly adds value, rather than pads out the time of any engagement.

We can work remotely. When we do, and where code has been involved we also tend to create a walk through video where the code is talked through and explained, as well as a written report. We also host screen sharing meetings online to keep you informed of our progress.

Contact us for test consultancy and help with Selenium WebDriver.

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